Cheese Fondue

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This fondue is the perfect compliment to our chocolate fondue we love to serve on New Years Eve. It’s easy to get all the dipping foods prepped early, so you just have to whip up the melty goodness.

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32 oz velveeta cheese, sliced or cubed

1 lb ground sausage

3/4 cup green salsa (we like Herdez- medium heat)

1/4 cup red salsa

1/2 cup milk (more if desired if you want a thinner sauce)

few dashes of pepper


Brown the ground sausage in a deep frying pan until cooked through. Drain out grease. Add cheese, salsa, and pepper. Melt the cheese down a bit, stirring constantly. When the cheese is mostly melted, add the milk. Stir constantly until everything is smooth. Give a quick stir and serve.

Food we love to dip:

veggies- like celery, carrots, cucumbers, broccoli, cauliflower

hard or soft pretzels- our pretzel rolls are delicious with this!

our dinner rolls


grilled chicken, cut into strips

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