Budgeting for Single Income Families with Jessica at Wise Little Hoots (Episode #46)

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Do you ever look at your bank account and wonder how you could make it grow a little larger? Do you often wish you had a money tree? I sure do!! We have some great guests on today to help that bottom line feel a little bit more padded.

Meet Jessica.

Jessica Fitzpatrick is the owner and creator of Wise Little Hoots Budgeting Blog. She is an army veteran, single mom, working hard to live on a single income to support her 3 children. She has some great tips about throwing birthday parties on a budget.

We also have a short opening segment with Jonathan Rotz with Financial TMI: Time, Money and Investments. He gives us some great ways to take a second look at our earning and spending.

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To see more of Jonathan Rotz, head over to Facebook at Financial TMI Don’t miss his upcoming free financial classes he is holding in Frisco, Texas. Listen to podcast for details, or visit his FB page.

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And let’s not forget that recipe for the Andes Mint Chocolate Bundt Cake!

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