Command Center for Kids

We were in desperate need of a command center for our kids. In my ideal world, this would take place in the kitchen, but there isn't a wall that works in that space, so the laundry hallway  was the next place it made the most sense. Each child has their own laundry basket, a frame with their name (with a picture of them to help my kids who can't read yet), family mail board, inspirational quote frame, and clip board that holds allowance and chore charts.

command center for kids 1.jpg

When I was putting this together, I didn't want to spend very much money. This could be a lot fancier if you have a bigger budget. Let's start at the top and work our way down.

Inspirational Quote Frames:

command center for kids 2.jpg

These are just simple frames I bought at the dollar store. I took the backing and glass out, hot glued clothes pins on and spray pained them silver. I think the paint was leftover from the kids' pinewood derby cars. Then I found some quotes I'd pinned, typed them up in different fonts, and printed them off. Easy peasy.

Family Mail System:

command center for kids 3.jpg

I love the idea of us writing kind notes to each other, especially notes of appreciation or "love letters." Sadly, we haven't used it for notes as often as I'd like, but they do all have a few old notes clipped on there. (Hopefully this post will inspire me to use this family note system more often!) We also use this board to hold the Family Awards the kids get each week.

This is also a frame from the dollar store, but I kept the glass and backing. I used the clothes pin and hot glue like the open frame, took it all apart, spray painted it, printed the little mail system lettering onto notebook paper, put the frame back together, and it's all set.

Name Board:

command center for kids 4.jpg

Each child also has their own name board. The pictures are in great need of updating (photo cred goes to Rebekah Lund Photography), but I don't have the heart to update them because I love reminiscing over how they looked when they were little. Once again dollar store frame, spray painted.

Chore chart:

This time instead of a frame, I use clip boards. This holds their chore chart, allowance is often clipped on there, or any notes or daily reminders. (More about the chore charts here!)

Laundry baskets:

Last are the kids' individual laundry baskets. I like these tall skinny ones from Walmart. (Here is our No Guilt Laundry System.)


So there you have it!! How do you have  your command centers set up??