Cobb Salad

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This salad is pretty much a meal. It’s packed with protein and so delicious. I love serving it with Briana’s (yes again- they really should pay me for advertising!) Blush Red Wine Vinaigrette Dressing. It’s the bottle with the strawberry on it. Love that stuff!!

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Cobb Salad

romaine and red leaf lettuce

tomatoes, diced

carrots, peeled and sliced (*we like the purple variety from Sprouts- tastes the same, but so pretty!!)

diced colby jack cheese



sunflower seeds, roasted

chicken breast, grilled and diced

bacon, cooked, chopped

hard boiled eggs, sliced

Have you ever cooked hard boiled eggs in the pressure cooker? It takes 6 minutes, and they peel perfectly!! I toss a couple dashes of baking soda in there as well to get that shell nice and easy to pull off. I love this new method!! Just a word of warning, sometimes the eggs crack from being rattled around in there, but they still cook just fine. They just look a little funky. ;)

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