Apple Berry Salad

appleberry salad 1.jpg

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I had the best berries from Costco the other day. The best I've had in a long time. So I thought this salad would be a perfect way to eat them. It's an easy salad, but one of my favorites!


Romaine lettuce




Carrots (I especially love those organic ones that are all different colors)

Green onion

Feta Cheese

Chicken breast (I used a Costco rotisserie chicken for this)


Briana's Poppyseed Dressing (amazing!!!)

Chopped Pecans (raw, roasted or candied- all would be tasty!!) - optional

Craisins - optional

appleberry salad 2.jpg

While I was prepping the salad, my 3 year old said she wanted one. So I made her a salad and took off to the front porch to take pictures. She was right on my heels and wanted to take pictures of her salad as well. 

I think we may have a budding food blogger on our hands!

As I was helping my new apprentice, the baby found my salad and had a great time throwing lettuce all over himself and the porch. 

 Those curious baby hands! I'm sure I will miss them and their mischief some day.

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