Secrets Top Influencers Use to Record Perfect Video with Russ & Katie Olsen (Episode #33)

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I am so excited to introduce you to the coolest guests! They are the owners and operators of Olsen Media Network.

Meet Russ & Katie Olsen.

Russ is a video editor for some large YouTubers: Cute Girls Hairstyles, Brooklyn & Bailey, and Kamri Noel. Russ has made viral videos with as many as 60 MILLION hits!! Wow!! Listen to them talk about how they got into this business and the amazing new course they have out.

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Secrets Top Influencers Use to Record Perfect Video Course

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Here are the Olsen’s YouTube channels:

 The Olsen Twins STEM stuff channel:

 Olsen Media Network:

 Products they recommend:

 Here’s Russ’s Good Morning America appearance:

Premium Beats for music (we also used them for our podcast):

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Kirsti Clark’s Mom Boss Mastermind

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