Debt Free Journey & Meal Prepping with Kelsey Yeager (Episode #48)

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I couldn’t be more pleased to introduce you to this dynamite gal who paid off $30,000 in student loan debt while working at an entry level job. What?!! How did she do that?!!! I can’t wait for her to tell you.

Meet Kelsey.

Kelsey Yeager teaches us all about her journey of getting out of debt. She is a master meal planner and has simplified her life, by using simple steps anyone can do.

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Where to find out more from Kelsey:

Her website:

Her Facebook

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Her Pinterest

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The links to the recipes we talked about on the podcast:

Mini Pizzas

Macaroni & Cheese

Rice Cereal

Steel Cut Blackberry Lemon Oatmeal in the Pressure cooker

And for more recipes, homemaking hacks, travel tips and our podcast archives, head over to our website:

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