Everyone is an Artist with Hannah Anderson from Lily & Thistle (Episode #55)

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I am clapping my hands that we get to have this fantastic returning guest on today!! She is a champion for moms to get back into creating art and making time for their other creative habits. She teaches us all about nature journaling, and has a lovely, peaceful nature.

Returning Guest: Hannah Stevenson

Hannah is the mother to four children and is the creator and owner at Lily and Thistle. She has big news you don’t want to miss, plus gives us the scoop on her new Simple Florals Water Color Course.

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Promo Code for Simple Florals Water Color Course

For 20% off Lily and Thistle’s Simply Florals Water Color Course, put in the code: HAPPY at check out.

Head over to Lily & Thistle to see more from Hannah!

And click below to order a copy of Hannah’s paper doll coloring book:

Once Upon a Paper Doll: Color Your Own Fairy Tale Paper Dolls.

Check out more from Hannah on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest @LilyAndThistle

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