Time Management and Productivity in the Summer (Episode #59)

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After the busy school year, our family longs for the unstructured fun summer days of summer. They are great for about a week, and then the electronics are in full force, the kids are fighting, everyone is bored and mama is completely out of her mind. I’ve found a way to put a little bit of structure into our summer days that still leaves room for spontaneous outings, but keeps us from going bananas.

I know the month of May is crazy busy, so this is just a quick mini podcast with some ideas to get your summer started off on the right foot.

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For more about blocking your time, check out our podcasts with Nicole Green and Sarah Schauer.

Our post about Morning Routines. So essential for me as a mom of 7 kids!!

Also really love this YouTube from Jordan Page at Fun Cheap or Free.

For summer bucket list ideas, listen to this podcast with Stefani Bellows that we did last summer. So fun! And this free printable of 50 Summer Bucket List Ideas.

My favorite breakfast food this week: Mango Coconut Oatmeal

Reminiscing about our trip to Mexico. Read up for really fun things to do when you’re in Cancun!

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