College Trips Made Easy with Moira McCullough from College Scoops (Episode #58)

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Getting your child college ready is a life long experience. All too quickly comes the day you need to begin touring schools. Our podcast guest today gives us the tools to turn this emotionally charged experience into a great family memory.

Meet Moira.

Moira McCullough is the mother of 3 children, 2 of which she has already sent off to college. Moira is the founder of College Scoops. College Scoops provides parents of college-bound students with the resources they need to save time, money and stress when planning a college trip. Listen with us through your favorite podcast app or directly through our site. She is full of fabulous tips for us!

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Show notes !!

Moira gives us some great tips on how to make touring a college campus a fun positive memory. With out proper planning, touring a college campus can be a stressful, anxiety filled experience. Moira has gathered testimonials from students at over 120 schools about where the best places are to eat, stay and play on your trip.

Here is Moira’s advice for success:

Keep a list about the things you like and don’t like about the school. Write down immediately after your visits your feelings when you were on the campus.

Take a look over the information she has gathered at College Scoops about the best restaurants to go to when you are visiting the school and follow your stomach. Are you in the mood for a burger and fries joint, or do you need to satisfy your sweet tooth?

Have an agenda when you go, but be open to a plan B. Talk to teachers, counselors and other students to get a feel for the campus. Have your child take the lead in initiating these conversations.

When Moira’s children have started college, this is what she tells them to ensure they have an optimal experience:

Embrace the environment, have an open mind.

Get involved. Make your university community smaller by joining a club. That way when you go into the school cafeteria, you will be able to sit with a friendly face.

Get a job. Learn the value of money and how to handle your finances and learn time management.

Find a routine- have a great morning routine (for an example of a morning routine, click here) and evening routine.

Feed mind and body- healthy food and exercise.

And don’t get mono. (I chuckled a bit at this one, but seriously it’s a good one!)

When your child is home between semesters or on holiday breaks:

She recommends making sure you continue celebrating and making new traditions. She loves to cook and eat special foods with her family. She makes some of their favorite family meals, and makes sure they have time doing neat things together.

More about Moira:

Favorite Food: Swedish Meatballs and Mashed Potatoes

Favorite Trip: Cape Cod- doing special dates there with her kids.

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