Home Organization & Family Travel with Jessica Dabelich from Flying With Four (Episode #63)

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This Helping of Happiness podcast episode is filled with fantastic home organization and family travel tips from Jessica Dabelich of Flying With Four.

Meet Jessica.

Jessica is a mother of 4 young children, a kindergarten teacher and season traveler. She and her family take several huge trips per year, and she has so many great tricks for making travel a positive experience. She also has a fabulous blog that talks about her travels, motherhood and organization. She is an amazing resource on so many topics!

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One of the tips Jessica gave us in this podcast was to use packing cubes. I had never heard of these before. But look at these things (below)- such a game changer! You can use one big suitcase, but keep your outfits separated by day or clothes by person. When you listen to the podcast you’ll hear about the other ways she uses them. Genius!

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