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One of the podcasts that I listen to is called, “Learn Do Become.” The past week or two they have been talking about organizing your Christmas to relieve all the stress. They have a full system with a digital organizer, how to videos, the whole thing. I am not in a place where I want to take it that far, but their first step is one that I really loved.

The first action to simplifying Christmas is to figure out what are you favorite traditions, and cut out the extra fluff. So, this week at family council - I wanted to get going on this before December started- I grabbed the wipey board and the expo marker and we made a list of everybody’s top 2 or 3 favorite Christmas traditions.

I was pretty amazed that almost all of the kids said their favorite things were to get the Christmas tree (all we do is run to Home Depot and grab one- nothing fancy), and go see the Christmas lights. I found that I was the one hanging on to all of the extra stuff.

While, I think we need to scale it back, I want to make sure we do make our service activities a big part of the season. I loved talking with Merrilee Boyack about all the service her family gives on our podcast last week. Some were as easy as seeing how many smiles you can get in a day.

So, once you have your list of favorite things, you plug it all into your calendar. The greatest part about putting our activities on the calendar before December gets rolling, is that they are set as important appointments. So when we have other, lesser important activities come up, it will be easy to say “no” and put our family first. Otherwise, if you’re like me, you’re trying to squeeze it all into your already bursting agenda. And that is where the stress comes in. It all starts to feel like a “have to” instead of an “excited to”.

I’m excited to share our traditions with you throughout this month. We have some really fun old ones and some great new ones I can’t wait to experience with my family.

Merry Christmas!!

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