5 Ways to Keep Toddlers Busy

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Keeping my toddler entertained while I get work from home, or getting some cleaning done around the house can be a challenge. I've started to get creative to stay off screen time as long as possible. Here are 5 things we have been up to lately!

rice bucket 3.JPG

1. The Rice Bucket

I got this idea from one of my friends. She puts a bunch of rice in a bucket and fills it with little toys for the kids to seek and find. For our rice bucket, I put all the little toys in there that I periodically find on the ground that would be choking hazards for my baby. Don't use tiny items if your toddler is still at the age where they are putting little things in their mouths!! This works great for us. I also put in some spoons and scoops for sifting the rice.

rice bucket `.jpg
rainbow noodles 2.JPG

2. Rainbow Noodles

These are a cinch to make. All you do is add food coloring to the boiling water when you are making noodles. My daughter loves to squish and play with the noodles and then eat them for lunch. 

rainbow noodles 3.JPG
cars on painters tape.jpg

3. Painters Tape Roads

This is an easy one. Just lay down some painters tape as a road or in different shapes and let the kids drive their little cars down them. We also use it as a little balance beam path for the kids to walk on.

egg hunt with cheerios 1.JPG

4. Plastic Egg Hunt with Cheerios

Since my baby is often the one finding the kids Easter eggs, we decided to stuff them with Cheerios instead of candy. It's turned out to be a great activity for my little girl to stuff and hide the eggs for herself. 

egg hunt with cheerios 3.jpg

5. Play dough

I know everyone knows about play dough, but I had to throw it in here because it keeps us busy for such long periods of time. It may be messy, but if I need to get some work done on the computer, this is totally worth the clean up!! We love to get out the cookie cutters and plastic knives to keep the interest going even longer.

What activities keep your children busy? I need all the ideas I can get!! Please, comment below!

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