The Mom Conference

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Several years ago a friend of mine told me about The Mom Conference and how much she loved it. It looked interesting, and when I found out it was absolutely free and something I could just watch/listen to on my computer, I was all in. I was never so happy to be folding laundry. I got a lot of cleaning done that week as I listened to different presenters about dozens of different parenting and self care topics. Now I look forward to it every year.

Last year some of the presenters they had were the Chat Books Owner, Dr Laura Markham, The Dating Divas, Ruth Soukup and so many more. I actually enjoyed it so much I purchased the bundle available with bonus content. I was a little bit overwhelmed by how much there was, but the information was so helpful. Some of the courses were self care, meal planning, how to take better pictures of your kids with your cell phone (I LOVED that course!), free fashion guides (I probably need to retake those ones), home décor, lots of parenting materials, and on and on.

This year’s Mom Conference is going to be held October 1-5th. And this year is epic froe me because they’ve let me be a contributor!! In the bundle they have put together there will be a little Helping of Happiness 3 Week Dinner Plan. So that is really exciting for me. You guys have already seen my recipes and dinner time fun, and your support has really given me confidence to keep reaching out to others. So thank you very, very much. I’m happy to be sharing with even more people.

So head over to the Mom Conference Website and sign up. Tell your friends and neighbors! The presenters really are amazing, and you can listen right through your phone or computer while you clean, drive, exercise, carpool, change diapers… I love it. And please reach out to me and let me know what classes you like the best!

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