Dressing Up Burp Cloths For Baby Gifts

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As a new mom burp cloths for your baby are a must have. I love taking something practical like this and prettying it up. This is a great beginners sewing project and fun little gift to give to moms to be.

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Dressing Up Burp Cloths for Baby Gifts

I don’t go to the trouble of sewing my own burp cloths completely. I love the plushness of using a cloth baby diaper. They are nice and thick and soft. I used the Gerber brand for these. I like them the best.

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Cut your fabric to a long strip to fit the length of your cloth diaper (burp cloth). On the cloth diaper there is a middle section that is a little thicker than the sides. For the width of your fabric strip, measure it up against this section and add about 1/2 inch on each side.

Place the strip on the the burp cloth face down and sew down the seam between the thick middle and thin side.

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Once that side is done, flip your fabric strip so it is right side up. Tuck the edge under so your fabric strip fits the middle section of the cloth diaper. Sew down that edge. Then sew all around the other 3 sides one more time.

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This is your end result! Sometimes I also add some ribbon on the sides, depending on how fancy I want to go. It’s also really fun to make matching baby blankets to go with these. Check out our tutorial on those.

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burp cloths 1.JPG
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