Four Bean Chili Loaded on a Sweet Potato

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For some reason, my children and husband are not fans of baked potatoes. They get whiny and fidgety at the table every time I make them. Sweet potatoes, on the other hand, they call "candy potatoes" (just like my dad when I was a kid) and welcome them with open arms. Tonight when I announced chili and baked potatoes were for dinner, all I got were a bunch of groans. So I decided to switch it up and serve it over sweet potatoes instead. It was a huge hit. Even my little girls gobbled it down. This chili recipe isn't very spicy. We have varying degrees of heat tolerance over here, so I just put the hot sauce (I like the jalapeno tabasco, my husband likes the chipotle tabasco, my dad likes cholulah) on the table and let the fam spice up their own.

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Four Bean Chili Loaded on a Sweet Potato


1 (15oz) can light red kidney beans, drained

1 (15oz) can black beans, drained

1 (15oz) can great northern beans, drained

1 (15oz) can pinto beans

1 (15oz) can diced tomatoes in tomato juice

1 (15oz) can corn

1 small can green chilies

1 small can tomato sauce

1 lb hamburger

3 garlic cloves, chopped

1 TBSP cumin

2 tsp salt (plus or minus to taste)

1 juice from lime

3 green onions (chopped)

1/4 cup cilantro (chopped)

1/2 tsp pepper

sour cream & shredded cheese to garnish (optional)

4 sweet potatoes, *baked

(*To bake poke with a knife and bake in the oven at 400 degrees F for 1 hour and 45 minutes. Bake while the chili is cooking.)

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Brown hamburger in a frying pan with the garlic. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Pour out grease into a disposable container. Dump hamburger and garlic into the crockpot (Stove top is fine, too. It just cooks much faster). Add beans, tomatoes, corn, chilies, tomato sauce, and cumin. Cook on high for 2 1/2- 3 hours. Add green onions, salt, pepper, cilantro and lime juice. Stir together and serve over sliced sweet potato. Sprinkle sweet potato with cinnamon and a pat of butter, if desired.

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Our homemade cornbread would be an amazing side to this dish!

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