Having a child with Autism- Katie Bergeson (Episode #2)

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Having your child diagnosed with Autism can come as a huge shock. Listen below to my chat with amazing mom, Katie Bergeson, about how she dealt with the diagnosis of her son, listened to her mom gut, and how they've found joy as the years have gone on. 

"Follow what your gut says for your child. The mom gut is a powerful thing. Every time I have followed that gut it was the right thing for my kid." - Katie Bergeson

"He's just so much light that I think everybody should know him." - Katie Bergeson

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"Being loving and kind is his super power." - Katie Bergeson

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"He's come so far. We didn't know if he'd ever talk. We didn't know if he'd ever read. Now he reads books and he rides a bicycle and everything that he does is like a small little miracle. It's just so amazing. I've learned never to put any limitation on what he can do because he has knocked it out of the park already for us. It is hard now because he is realizing he is different from his peers." - Katie Bergeson

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"Follow your gut....so much information on autism out there. There are a million different things, lots of therapies, a lot of snake oil being sold out there. Some doctors, 5 minutes in, I knew it wasn't the right fit." - Katie Bergeson

For more information on the Angel's Baseball League Katie's son has participated in, click here to connect to the Kiwanis Club.

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