Creativity, Family and Grief - Lani Wilkinson (episode #4)

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When life throws tragedy and hardship at you, how do you cope? Lani Wilkinson has used her art and creativity to help her move through her grief of losing her mother and struggles with postpartum depression. Listen below to her story of how she has blessed the lives of others and found self fulfillment in using her gifts and talents.

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Make sure you check out Lani's Etsy Shop!! It's called Make Wishes.

And you don't want to miss her photography website: Lil’ Wilky Photography

(photo: Lani and her family at Comic Con- wearing costumes SHE made!!)

"I've finally started to learn that it's ok to go through all the emotions. But I've also learned that it's not okay to be dwelling on them. At some point you have to pull yourself up and be like, 'Alright, I'm just going to do everything I can today and I can just let that be enough.'

Allowing yourself to just be enough is probably the best thing you can do. The best thing you can encourage your kids to do is to be their best selves and not try to push them to be something that they're not. Love them for who they are and love yourself for who you are." - - Lani Wilkinson

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photo 1: Cousins- Hillary, Spencer (Lani's brother), Hillary's Sister, Lani

photo 2: Cousins- Hillary's Sister, Hillary, Lani, Spencer (Lani's brother)

photo 3: Hillary and Lani

photo 4: Sisters (Our Mamas) - Lynnette (Hillary's mom), and Karrie Ellen (Lani's mother)

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How awesome would it be to be part of this family for Halloween?!!! Lani's costume designs are incredible.

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