Surviving Summer and a Glimpse of Type 1 Diabetes- Stefani Bellows (Episode #6)

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Meet Super Mama: Stefani Bellows!! Stefani is one of my dear friends that I love following on social media because she always has the best mom life ideas. She's going to tell us some of the ways she survives summer with her 4 kids at home. She's also going to give a glimpse into her life as a mother of a type 1 diabetic daughter.

"When she was diagnosed we told her, 'You can do anything you want. it's [diabetes] not going to stop you from doing anything in your life at all'.....

"You just have to live your life and have a good attitude about it, and stay positive....It builds character and she's a better person for it."

- Stefani Bellows

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"There's some days I just cry. Not because I'm feeling sorry for her or anything. But just as a mother. It's just so hard to watch your kid do something that hard." - Stefani Bellows

If you'd like to donate to help kids like Stefani's daughter, Ashby, please click on the link to donate to JDRF (juvenile diabetes research foundation).

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Here's a peek at the bucket list Ashby helped put together for her family last summer. Such cute handwriting!!

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Below are the chore charts that Stefani uses to keep her household running in the summer.

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Summer Snacks- Veggie Prep so kids can snack all day on the good stuff. Click on image below for link:

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