Eat up the good life- Alice Baland (Episode #5)


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Meet one of the most positive women I know: Alice Baland, Licensed Professional Counselor and Registered Dietitian. Listen below to Alice's wonderful insights on how to look at your food more positively. Her enthusiasm for eating healthfully to create a wonderful life is contagious!

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"I really try not to beat myself up because that doesn't get us anywhere. It makes us want to be meaner. We want to be full of love and compassion and nonjudgmental about our eating habits. That's the only way. Would you treat a child that way? We're more influenced by the positive reinforcement than the negative." - Alice Baland

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Best Selling Author!! Her 1st Book: Eat Up The Good Life: Savvy Skills for Pleasurable, Guilt-Free Eating & Living

Now she's writing her 9th book: STILL ALIVE: from Shattered to Shining. Courageous Stories of Victory Over Violence & Life's Curve Balls (due out in 2018).

"Doesn't matter if it's fast food for convenience, or a picnic, or eating at home- that family time is really important. You can get to know your husband or wife, and your children a lot better. Be a good role model and set an example....

"Every night my dad would say to my mom, 'That's the best meal I've ever had!'" - Alice Baland

"Point out the positive things you have on your plate." - Alice Baland

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Healthy Snack Ideas:

Hard boiled eggs, celery and peanut butter, handful of almonds, veggies and hummus (for our homemade recipe, click link), pinto beans, fresh fruits

Veggie prep for easy snacking link

And for some balance- link to our Chocolate Chip Cookies


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