Surviving Relentless Abuse to Living a Blissful Life - Elizebeth Gidley (Episode #10)


Meet Elizebeth Gidley: 

Survivor of relentless abuse who has taken her pain and anger and exchanged it for a forgiving heart and blissful life. Elizebeth is the author of the blog Beauty of Selah, where she tells her story, along with other mothering tips and travel advice.

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"If you think about it, he's probably not losing any sleep over what he did to us. And that's the way a lot of people are...and you hold on to this unforgiveness and this bitterness and it's like poison and eats you up inside. It's something you have to let go.

"Forgiving him was difficult but it was a choice I made to be able to move on with my life. Forgiving my mother on the other hand, it took years. Because a mother is someone who is supposed to protect you. And that you are supposed to love and have all these cherished memories with. And I don't have any of that with my mother. She never protected us. She encouraged it.

"The only thing that really helped was Jesus. He brought me to a place to remove all of that hatred and bitterness and hardness in myself that I had no clue how to remove. Because no matter how hard I tried, it wasn't going away."

-Elizebeth Gidley

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