How to Listen to and Subscribe to a Podcast

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I have really enjoyed the world of podcasting the past year or so. I never realized how much fun and free content was out there. I listen while I'm driving kids around, working around the house or exercising.

There have been many times I have told people I'm starting a podcast and they aren't even sure what that is, or how to listen to one. I'm so obsessed with podcasts, I want to make sure everyone knows how to listen to them! Here is a little tutorial to show you how if you're using an iPhone. I will have to check out my husband's phone to see if it is different on another operating system. 

pod tutorial 1.jpg
pod tutorial 2.jpg
pod tutorial 3.jpg
pod tutorial 4.jpg
pod tutorial 5.jpg
pod tutorial write a review.jpg

Ok, so that is how you listen to a podcast. If you really like a podcast and don't want to miss any upcoming episodes, you want to subscribe to a podcast. Most of the time this is a free option. I never pay for a podcast. 

Here is how you subscribe to a podcast:

pod tutorial 1.jpg
pod tutorial 6.jpg
pod tutorial 7.jpg
pod tutorial 8.jpg

Click that subscribe button!! Now it will be in your library. My library looks a little like this:

pod tutorial 9.PNG
pod tutorial 10.PNG

Ok!! Now you're all set!! Tell me, what are some of your favorite podcasts?? I'm always looking for new material!

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