From Corporate America to Stay at Home Mom with Sarah Schauer (Episdode #47)

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This mama is the biggest cheerleader for other mamas. I love her Instagram feed because it is full of positive motivation.

Meet Sarah Schauer.

Sarah used to work in Corporate America and left her fast paced, thriving career to be a stay at home mom. She has used her work experience to organize her household and time as a mom. She gives us a great checklist of how to make a day at home with the kids productive in our relationships with our family, sneak in some self care, and optimize our household tasks. If you are listening through a podcast app, please make sure to rate, review and subscribe to our podcast so you don’t miss any episodes and so we can be easier for other people to find.

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Where you can find more of Sarah Schauer:

Her Website -

On Facebook - Schauered in Love &Laundry

On Instagram - SchaueredinLoveAndLaundry

On Twitter ; SchaueredinLove

Make sure you head to her website and grab a copy of her Daily Stay at Home Mom Checklist!

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