Organizing our Thoughts through Bullet Journaling

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Raise your hand if you're not as productive as you'd like to be! Our podcast guest today is going to teach us how bullet journaling is the answer.. This is a productivity method gives structure and organization to your entire life. You can create a single journal to keep your appointments, bucket lists and create habits all in one organized place. I learned so much from her.

Meet Amy Greene.

Amy Greene writes and creates at Mainly Homemade. Amy started blogging in 2011 to share her family with others. She is a wife to a wonderful and supportive husband and a mom of a blended family of four. Along with her family she loves flavored coffee, wine, chocolate and love, loves queso. She enjoys finding the quickest way to make or do anything. She likes to find out why or how something works. She was not a planner until she found bullet journaling. She says her bullet journal is like her own personal game plan for success. She is constantly thinking of others in the food she creates, how she plans, and products she creates. Mainly Homemade is a lifestyle blog where you can find simple & practical solutions to everyday problems with quick & easy recipes and projects to create lasting memories.

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Amy’s favorite food is QUESO!!

Here are a couple of our favorite queso recipes:

Queso Dip

Cheese Fondue

Some great blog posts by Amy on how to get started:

How to start a bullet journal:

Things to track in your bullet journal:

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