5 Fabulous Baby Shower Gifts

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I just went to the funnest baby shower. What are the odds that BOTH of my sisters are pregnant and due the same week?!! Too, fun, right?!! Well, my sweet aunts decided to help throw a double shower for them in Utah. That meant my sisters and I gathered from 3 different states to head up there- and it was so wonderful!! 

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Here were some of the best gifts (sadly I didn't capture everything!) - and a couple that I received when my last baby was born.

1. Milk Snob

Anyone who knows me, knows I am passionate about this product. I think maybe I need to find out if they want to pay me for advertising. :) But seriously, I've used these things for so many different things. They are meant to be a nursing or car seat cover. But I've also used them as a burp cloth- they are great for full coverage when you are wearing a nice top or dress that you don't want to get spit up on. I've used it to swaddle my baby- especially when he was tiny in public- just to shield him from the germs. Then finally I've even used it as a slip! Ha! Ha! 

2. Diaper Cake

Isn't this the cutest!! This is a gift that my creative cousin, Lani (remember her from our podcast on Using Creativity to Get through Grief??) made for my cute sister, Heidi.  

I've seen a lot of diaper cakes in my day- but everything on this cake is usable. Head bands, shoes, diapers, hair bows, necklaces and even some clothes tucked in there. Such a cute idea!

cousin diaper cake.JPG

3. Will and Fox Reusable Swim Diapers

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I just discovered these swim diapers. They are one size fits all which seemed a little puzzling at first. But they have different snaps on the outside so you can button them up to fit your baby's bottom. The colors and patterns are super cute, and they are easy and comfortable for the babies and toddlers to move around in. I like disposable diapers when we are traveling, but living in Texas, where we swim all summer long, I was blowing through them pretty quick. I love using these for those frequent visits to the pool.

This little video below will show you what I mean about how they can snap to fit different sizes.

4. Sit and Stand Stroller

I'm not sure what I loved more this time around having a baby, my milk snob or this fabulous sit and stand stroller. There have been times we've gone to the zoo or amusement parks and even my big kids have taken turns in there when their legs needed a break (like think 7-9 year olds).  I prefer the Graco brand so I can stick my infant car seat in there.

5. Books, Books, Books!!

I think books are such a fun gift! I am a sucker for children's literature, and they stand the test of time. Here are a few of my favorites, and a couple others my aunt introduced me to at the shower that are now on MY wish list!

Miss Rumphius
By Barbara Cooney
Petite Boutique Who Goes Moo?
By Make Believe Ideas Ltd.
Llama Llama Nighty-Night
By Anna Dewdney

What have been some of your favorite baby gifts to give or receive?




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