San Francisco- a weekend without the kids

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When my grandmother passed away, instead of dividing up the inheritance money, my dad, aunt and uncle decided to use what was left to take all of the adults in the family on a trip to San Francisco. My grandmother and grandpa (pass away previously) requested to have their ashes scattered in the San Francisco Bay (where they grew up), and this was the perfect time to do that. We made a full weekend of it, doing all the things my grandmother would have loved. It was the perfect way to honor her, and best of all, we were all together- which never happens.

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We started out in Chinatown. We browsed all the shops and grabbed a bunch of trinkets for the kids. Next time I go, I want to take the Fortune Cookie Factory Tour.

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Feeling the atmosphere and sippin' on some boba tea.

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We had lunch at Tarantino's- there's nothing like their clam chowder in a bread bowl. I'm drooling just thinking about it.

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Next we hit Ghiradelli Square, waved to Alcatraz, had a chocolate sundae. Then we rode the Cable Car for awhile. (And as my dad always tells me, "You don't call it a trolley in San Francisco!!")

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We spent the night at the Columbus Motor Inn. We love that place. It's always clean, the parking is free, and it's in walking distance of Fisherman's Wharf.

At the wharf, we love grabbing freshly cooked cocktail shrimp, shopping at Pier 39 and checking out the sea lions on the docks. We also make sure to stop in at the Boudin Bakery for some amazing sourdough bread. There is nothing like it. They have loaves in all different shapes and sizes. We grabbed the turtle shaped loaf to take home to the kids.

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My grandma LOVED the San Francisco Giants. It's tradition in my family to make sure to hit a Giants game, if at all possible, when in town. Before the game, we headed over to the Farmer's Market at the pier.

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Go Giants!! They even pulled out a win for us!!

To top off the great day, we all went to the House of Prime Rib for dinner. I think my aunt had to get us reservations months and months in advance. It was the most tender, delightful meat I have ever tasted. 

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But the most special part of the trip for me was when we drove over the Golden Gate Bridge, and down to Rodeo Beach. This is where we had the permit to scatter my grandparents' ashes. I hadn't expected it, but it was a really tender experience. I felt their presence, and their happiness to be put to rest at home, in their favorite place. It was very peaceful, and the perfect closure for me. I grabbed some of the colorful rocks on the beach, and have since put them in my dandelion jar at home (our family jar of natural treasures). I look forward to taking my kids there when we go back someday.

What's your favorite thing to do in San Francisco??

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