Disney Cruise- Day 4 Castaway Cay and Pirate Night!!

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Castaway Cay was much better for us the second time around. We had a better idea of what we really wanted to do, and where we wanted to meet, etc. But I still wish we'd done things a little differently. Unfortunately, I didn't realize how many shops there were on Castaway Cay!! There were just a few on the boat, and my kids didn't really find much they were dying for. I wish we would have spent some more time in Scuttle's Cove to check out what they had.  

We had a Cabana for my Grandmother again the second day. We were at Cabana 1 instead of 17, and it was SOOOO much better for us! It was the first Cabana next to the Family Beach, so it was really easy to go between Grandmother and the rest of the fam (since only 6 people can be in it). We set up our stuff on the beach chairs in the shade closest to the Cabanas, it was perfect. It was also really close to Cookies Too, where we had lunch.

James (1) fell asleep as we were arriving at the beach, and my wonderful aunt offered to watch him in the Cabana while we played with our big kids.

First we hit the water slides- the kids loved those. Then dropped the off the little girls at the Kids Club at Scuttle's Cove, and went snorkeling with Cade (14) and Cassidy (16) while the other boys played at the beach with their cousins. You swim quite a ways in the snorkeling area to see the fish, it was a pretty slow fish sighting day for us. So, Cass and I decided to turn back. We were so glad we did! Just  about 20 feet back towards the shore, we saw two sea turtles!! We followed them for awhile, and Cass even got to touch one! It was so awesome!!

We were getting hungry, so Cass and I went to pick up the little girls. They were eating lunch at the Kid's Club- I didn't know they served lunch there! (Maybe that info will help you out when you're on the cruise.) We grabbed the girls, and met up with Warren and the boys for lunch in the Cabana. 

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There were several excursions that our group was supposed to participate in: sting ray encounter, glass bottom boat ride and parasailing. Everything was cancelled because of choppy water, so that was a bummer. But we were happy snorkeling and playing on the beach collecting shells and fossils. Some people in our group also did the bike rental and really enjoyed that.

After we got back to the boat and cleaned up, we had a fun time sneaking in some mini golf on the deck before dinner. It was Pirate Night, so everything was super decked out. Disney really knows how to put on a theme night! One of my grandmother's favorite songs is, "Brave Bold Pirate" and she sings it all the time. She loves pirates. She was completely decked out in a homemade costume, and when she found out they were selling pirate hats in the shop downstairs, she had to go buy one. 

We were at the Enchanted Garden for dinner again. For the dinner appetizer I had the Davy Jones Locker Rock Crab Cake. Then I just couldn't decide between the soup and salad, so I got both: the Carrot and Cilantro Soup and the Romaine Wedge. Jack's Treasure of the Seas was my main dish and I finished it off with the Caramel Macadamia Nut Cheesecake Tart- which was definitely the tastiest part of the night!

Grandmother was the cutest at dinner. She went around (in her pirate garb) table to table and sang the "Bold Bad Pirate" song. We all loved it. She always knows how to have a great time.

Our entertainment for the night was seeing Incredibles 2. James was quite the turkey, so I ended up walking the gift shops with him and missing most of the movie. We did get him a Jack-Jack doll, which felt very appropriate since he was behaving so crazy!

After the Incredibles 2, the night continued to go on. Our troops were pretty exhausted at this point. Mia (3) had fallen asleep at dinner hours before, and James was a nut. We missed most of the pirate show and the fireworks at the pirate party trying to meet up with our group. It was a bit crazy. But we caught the last 30 seconds and called it good. It was a great day and we were all exhausted.

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