Disney Cruise- Day 5: Day at Sea

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Day 5 on our Disney Cruise we were at sea the whole day. It was really nice to not have to be up and ready to head out on an excursion early in the morning. We decided to have breakfast at the Enchanted Garden Restaurant instead of the Cabanas Buffet that we went to the other days. 

The Enchanted Garden is a great place to go if you are looking for a quieter place to eat away from the crowds. The waiters bring your drinks, but other than that, it has the same foods in their buffet that Cabanas does, just not as much selection. It was fine, but we enjoyed Cabanas more. On the other hand, dinners at the Enchanted Garden were fantastic. (For our menu Day 1, click here, Day 4, click here.)

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We started our day on the pool deck. The boys wanted to spend some more time on the AquaDuck before it got too busy. The line on that fun waterslide that wraps around the boat, can be super long a certain times of day. Our family loved riding it.

One big let down for me, was that my baby couldn't come with us in the pool- even with swim diapers on. If your child isn't potty trained, they can't get in. He played at the splash pad, but it's removed a bit from the pool area, so I couldn't watch him and my big kids at the pool at the same time. 

Mia (3) LOVED the small yellow water slide. She would go on it over and over. Each time she ran by to climb the stairs again she would tell me, "Just 3 more times, okay??! Just 3 more times!"

Next, we took on the Detective Mickey challenge to solve a mystery by looking at clues all over the boat. The big boys we let roam free, but we stuck with the little girls. To our great luck, my cousin wanted to join in, so we let her finish up with the little girls while we went to hang out with the family at the shuffleboard area to do "Cruise Family Olympics." 

There were 60 of us from my mom's family on the cruise together. Grandmother treated us all, what an amazing gift! And can I tell you- she is an amazing shuffleboard player! She creamed us all! A bunch of the fam got together and did all kind of other sporting events and games on the boat as their "Olympics." We just joined for shuffleboard, but it was super fun.

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We pretty much consumed dessert after every meal, plus some, on the cruise. But that couldn't keep us away from trying out Vanellope's Sweet Shop. We'd seen all kinds of pictures about it on Pinterest, and were excited to try it out. We chose to get our ice cream in this little car so we could have a souvenir to take home. We all shared it, we'd been having enough dessert, that was fine with us. Vanellope's was an added charge- not complimentary to the cruise like the food most everywhere else. Isn't this an amazing sundae?!!

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And the eating continues....

We had dinner at the Royal Palace (for our menu the first time we dined there, see this post). I usually would order the lobster bisque over broccoli cheese, but our waiter, Stipe, steered us to the white cheddar broccoli cheese soup (James pretty much licked the bowl clean, he drank it with a straw. Ha ha!). Stipe always gave us the best advice. I learned to stick with him every time. He'd even let us know, "tomorrow the beef is amazing, get the chicken tonight", etc. He was awesome. My favorite meal of the trip was when we ate at the Animator's palate. (Check that out here.)

Another really fun part of dinner was the magic tricks Stipe would do for our kids. Mia's face says it all.

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One of my cousins was pregnant, and just couldn't shove down another bite of food. So ehs told the waiters she wanted "nothing" for dinner. They came back with a plate with "Nothing" written on it in chocolate glaze. We all had a good laugh over that.

Stipe also took great care of my dad's food allergies. That is always such a huge concern when he eats anywhere but home, so that really was a wonderful part of the cruise to know he'd be safe from harmful foods.

After dinner we headed over to the Dash's Diaper Dash where my cousin's little baby competed to be one of the fastest crawlers. It was really fun to see all the parents trying to persuade their babies to hustle over the finish line. 

We also headed over to family karaoke in the Evolution Lounge. My cousin in law sang a song dedicated to my Grandmother. (She loves nothing more than for people to display their talents, so she was absolutely loving this!!) There was more singing and dancing. We had a good time.

It was getting super late, but the kids just had to hit the AquaDuck one more time, so they could experience it at night. They loved it.

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One other fun thing about our cabin was the magic port hole. This is what you get when you would like to save money and book an interior room. I was a little skeptical, but it showed the outside of the boat in real time, so you could see how light it was, the weather, your surroundings, etc. so it ended up being just fine. Plus we got little pop ins from different characters every so often. Nemo or Lightning McQueen popping by in the port hole, so that was really fun.

We had to have our bags all packed up with our Tinkerbell Luggage Tags so the bell boys knew what area of customs to deliver our luggage to. Just remember to leave out whatever clothes you want to wear the next day. One of my boys may or may not have had to wear his swim suit  until we got our luggage the next day. (Whoops!)

Another really fun thing on the ship is the movie theater. Whatever new releases are in regular theaters, they have for free on the ship. Warren and the kids saw Avenger's Infinity War the first night, so we thought it would be fun to have a quick date to see Han Solo once the kids were in bed. Well, I don't think the movie started until about 11pm, and we were so wiped out. After about 20 minutes (and I'm a huge Star Wars fan), I literally could not keep my eyes open. So many days of fun had finally caught up with me. I went back to the room. Warren arrived back only about 20 minutes after me. We ended up catching it at home a few days later.

Such a blast! Make sure you check out our other Disney Cruise posts to learn even more about our adventure. And please email me of comment below if you have any questions about our cruise. I always LOVE talking travel!!

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