Rolos and Peppermint Kisses Snaps

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This are my most favorite holiday snack. I can’t stop popping these things when they are hanging around. The salty with the sweet is my favorite combination. These are super fast to make, and I now leave it up to my kids. It’s a “snap” to make. ;)

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Rolo and Peppermint Kisses Snaps


bag of snyder’s pretzel snaps

1 bag of rolos

1 bag of peppermint kisses

1 bag of M&M candies


Preheat oven to 350 F degrees.

Place pretzels in rows along a cookie sheet with a lip around the edges (also known as a jelly roll pan). Place unwrapped rolos or kisses on top of the pretzels. Bake for 3 minutes in the oven. As soon as they are done, grabbed your M&M’s and start pressing them into the tops of the rolos and the kisses- careful not to burn yourself.

Click here, for a printable version.

rolo and peppermint snaps 3.JPG