Dinner Rolls- my most asked for recipe!!


Of all my recipes, this one is requested more than all the others. And if I've given it to you in the past, check this out instead!! I've improved it!! I've been tweaking it for the past couple weeks, and I think it's just about perfect now. These rolls are so soft, amazing with soups, salads, and just by themselves! These are super easy to make vegan friendly, and the taste isn’t even compromised! There are some videos down at the bottom of the post for even better instruction.

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Hillary's Dinner Rolls


5 3/4 cup flour (if it's super humid outside, you may want to add a tablespoon or two)

2 cups water

1 egg (you can leave this out if you need a vegan option)

1/2 cup veg oil

1/2 cup sugar

2 1/2 tsp salt

*1 TBSP yeast

butter to brush on the top (optional)

*just a little side note on the yeast. Red Star is my favorite. I buy it in bulk and keep it in the freezer. I've never had a problem with it getting old.

Click here for our  Cinnamon Roll Recipe! !

Click here for our Cinnamon Roll Recipe!!


There's a couple ways you can do this. My favorite is using the bread maker on the dough cycle. I like doing this because I just dump everything in and come back to it after an hour and a half.

If you're using a bread maker- toss it all in and put it on the dough cycle. If you're using a mixer, put everything in the mixer and let it work for 30 minutes. Then let it rise for one hour. 

When the dough is done rising, it's time to roll it out. Preheat your oven to 375 degrees F. I don't worry about it being too thin.  I like to cut the dough in a triangular-ish shape and roll them up and put them on a greased cooking sheet or glass pan (see our video at the bottom for more instruction). I use cooking spray to grease my pans to make it easy. If I have extra time, I'll let the rolls rise for another 30 minutes at this point. If not, when your oven is done preheating, pop the rolls in the oven. In my oven they cook perfectly in 17 minutes. Every oven is different, so it could be between 15-20 minutes depending on if your oven runs a bit hot or cool. 

When they are done, pull them out to cool. I slide a butter knife or spatula under the rolls, just to loosen them up and prevent them from sticking to the baking sheet/pan. Then I like to brush the tops with butter (optional).

I use this recipe for so many different things: cinnamon rolls, pizza bites, pretzel rolls, bread bowls, fried scones, berry cream cheese bites, even modify it to make pitas. Even if you just want to dip these beauties in a soup, or slather it with some Nutella- they really are magical. Cozying up with a warm roll and a cup of hot chocolate is one of my favorite comfort snacks in the winter.

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It's also fine using a Bosch Mixer or a Kitchen Aid instead of a bread maker. I love my Kitchen Aid, but it really works better for me when I'm making cookies, quick breads, frostings, etc. My sister in law and my mom both love their Bosch mixers.