Berry Banana Fruit Parfait

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We are celebrating the end of school, so I wanted to do something summery and special for the kids as an afternoon snack. I was in a bit of a hurry because I was about to hop on a podcast interview (Did you know we have a podcast? For our podcast archives, head here!). But I really wanted to get a picture of these fun treats to share the recipe with you before the kids devoured them.

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I was struggling to get a good picture because there were all these flies that kept photo bombing the pictures I was taking of these parfaits. Luckily, I did get a few taken before I went to swat a fly and dumped the whole tray all over the ground. Ahhh! And did you know when the cement is hot, yogurt cooks itself into your concrete? It all made a nasty paste and was really hard to sweep or spray off with the hose. Fun times! Luckily, I had more yogurt and berries in the house or the kids would’ve been all over me and it would’ve been much worse.

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This is a simple, healthy and delicious snack. This is a fun one to celebrate the end of the school year and welcome in summer with a cool and creamy treat. Use the yogurt of your choosing. I like to use greek yogurt in mine. Normally I list the ingredients and directions separate, but with this just scooping layers of ingredients in a cup, I put them together.

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Berry Banana Fruit Parfait

Ingredients & Directions:

Working from the bottom up…

start with the sliced banana on the bottom, then add:

vanilla yogurt


plain yogurt

strawberries, sliced

strawberry yogurt


sprinkle with granola

stick a crispy coconut roll on the top.

Enjoy!! And don’t forget to tap an image and pin it for later!

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