Fun Things to do When Visiting BYU and Provo Canyon

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Brigham Young University will always hold a special place in my heart. My dad went to BYU on a swimming scholarship there, joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, and then went on to meet and marry my mom.  It is also where I met my husband, Warren. We graduated the week after our first baby was born. There are so many wonderful memories of spending time with amazing friends and learning lots of books smarts, but also life lessons. We had a blast heading back over to campus to drop my oldest two at an Especially For Youth Camp that lasts the full week. We got to check out the dorms again, and eat lunch in the Cougareat, where I had hundreds and hundreds of meals. The kids had a blast running around the BYU Store with their cousins. We of course had to load up on T-shirts etc to continue the indoctrination of this next generation. ;)

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One of my fabulous sister in laws, Megan Hess (Memories by Megan Photography), also met up with us early to go take Senior Pictures of my oldest daughter. I can't believe she is almost out of the nest!! It will be neat to see what college she ends up at and if she continues the BYU tradition or starts her own new path. 

If you're ever in Provo, you've also got to go check out the LDS Provo City Center Temple. It is gorgeous!! It was a bummer that we happened to be there on a Monday- because they are closed on Mondays. But we enjoyed the grounds regardless of going inside.

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(Meg and Cass)

We finished off the day heading up to Provo Canyon to do a little hike to Bridal Veil Falls. I LOVED this little excursion. I had the baby and little girls with me, so we just took a short walk and then played in the falls. My husband took some of the bigger kids on a hike further up the falls, and they had an incredible time. 

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Provo Canyon will always be one of my most cherished places because this is where my husband and I (while at a campfire roasting s'mores 19 years ago), first discussed the possibility of getting married. We were super awkward and didn't even want to breathe the word marriage. I don't know if we even said it, we may have only referred to it as the "M" word. Ha ha ha!! But it was the conversation that got the ball rolling to where we are today. 

Some other fun things to do on BYU campus:

Visit the Monte Bean Museum

Visit the Museum of Art

Hang out in the basement of the Wilkinson Center and go bowling, karaoke and other fun games

Peek at the BYU Indoor Football Practice Facility

We used to love seeing the aquariums in the Widtsoe building, but I'm not sure what happened to them since that building was demolished....

Some of our other favorite destinations to travel:

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The senior pics!!


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