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Coming soon!! Children's book: Dishwasher Dangers, by Hillary Hess & illustrated by Shawn C Scott

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About our Family

I never thought we would have seven children!!

It all began when I met my husband at Brigham Young University. We met in the month of January, and were married in December of the same year. Our first child (a daughter), was born the week before we graduated. It was crazy!! We carried her across the stage where we got our diplomas. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Home Economics with an emphasis in Home and Family. I had no idea then how useful that degree would be in my family and business life. 

The day after graduation we took our new baby and few belongings and moved to the Central Valley in California. We enjoyed the beauty, produce and wonderful friends we made there for seven years.

A job promotion for my husband brought us out to North Texas. We have loved it here for nine years.

We have a busy and full life that I am constantly trying to find balance in. I definitely don't have everything together, but I hope sharing the things I have learned, will help enrich your lives and fill your homes with a helping of happiness.

- Hillary Hess

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