Star Check List Printable

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The last couple weeks have been all about building new routines at our house. I’ve been studying a lot about the power of routines through the years. I’ve realized the best way for me to stick to a good habit is to hook it into one of my routines (See the links below for some of my favorite podcasts and blog posts about routines).

For example, if I want to be more consistent on doing a load of laundry every day, I could hook it into my morning carpool routine. My laundry room is off my garage, and I can start putting a load in on my way out the door. Usually by the time I get back from the carpool, the load is done and I can then switch it to the dryer.

Maybe this idea is just common sense for you? But for me, it takes one more thing out of my busy brain that I have to remember to do because it’s become an automatic habit.

I created some new checklists for my kids for the beginning of the school year to help them establish new routines. Grab your free printable below.

Click here to print

Click here to print

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