Hope: Overcoming Addictions- Lenaya Anderson (Episode #3)

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Meet my remarkable childhood friend, Lenaya Anderson. After many years of living with a drug addiction, alcohol addiction and eating disorder, she had the courage to turn her life around. And now she is using her unique experiences to help others have hope in their lives. Listen below to her incredible story of faith!!

"We are so much more than our appearance. We are also so much more than the sum of our accomplishments. We are just so much." - Lenaya Anderson

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"But it is interesting to start to see yourself the way others see you. I love them [her children] and I know who they are. I don't have physical eyes to see them, I have spiritual eyes to see them. So I think seeing the world around me in those terms has helped tremendously as well to help me see that." - Lenaya Anderson

Make sure you order a copy of Lenaya's book about her incredible journey, The Pathways Home.

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Also referenced during the podcast was a wonderful BYU speech from Russell M. Nelson: The Magnificence of Man.

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"The thing about drug addiction and alcohol addiction is that you can legitimately abstain from those for the rest of your life. But food addiction is a lot more troubling in a lot of ways because you cannot abstain from food for the rest of your life....

"I discovered that the way I affected the space around me was pretty much the same as the way I affected the space around me when I was 100 lbs so that was really eye opening to me to discover that what I didn't think people were capable of seeing in me, they could see. And so that helped a lot....

"If we had eyes to see who we are and how we impact the world around us, I think everybody's self esteem would be increased....

"There is no such thing as hopelessness. There is always still a glimmer of hope." - Lenaya Anderson

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"Sometimes people have the erroneous belief that if they make all the right choices and do all the right things that their life will be with out trial. And that's just as dangerous as being a drug addict really, because your expectation for a life is beyond what the capacity actually is for your life to be." - Lenaya Anderson

Check out those bangs! Ha ha!! Little blast from the past of Hillary and Lenaya. And those Girls Camp bandits below?! That 3rd friend is Stefani Bellows! Check out the chat she and Hillary had about Surviving the Summer with Kids and Diabetes in Children, here.

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