How to identify and deal with postpartum depression

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On today’s podcast we are talking about postpartum depression, how to identify the symptoms, how to overcome it and better support and care for new mothers. Our guest, Lani Wilkinson tells us her story of how she dealt with it and gives us a true account of what it was like during that time. If you are friends with an expecting mother, please share this with them. If you are pregnant yourself, please talk over this with your husband or partner so they can help you watch for possible signs.

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Lani’s tips for identifying postpartum depression:

  1. Feeling extreme overwhelm. Crying a lot and feeling very angry.

  2. The feeling that something just isn’t right.

  3. The reactions from the people that are closest to you.

  4. Getting violent with your anger; throwing things, hitting walls or people

  5. Having thought of harming yourself or your child

What actions to take if you think you have postpartum depression

  1. Have a sit down talk with your spouse or partner. Talk about ways you can get things off your plate, and what things trigger you

  2. Find ways to have some time to yourself. Hire a babysitter, have a family member take your kids while you have down time. Practice self care.

  3. Take people up on their offers to help you

  4. Talk to a therapist and/or a doctor

3 Helpful and Happy Answers from Lani:

Question: What is your favorite food or meal?

Answer: Dessert & BBQ Chicken Pizza

Question: What is the best trip you’ve ever been on?

Answer: Disney Cruise with Hillary and fam!!

Question: Do you have a homemaking hack for us?

Have creative things to do for your kids around your house that they can access easily

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